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3 Bowling Techniques to Make a Strike or Spare

If you go bowling often then you are definitely familiar with the term strike or spear. For those of you who do not know it means when you knock all of your pins when you throw your first ball.

When you bowl, the greatest feeling when youíre a beginner is to knock all the pins. With everybody cheering and clapping itís no wonder people want to do it over and over again. Sometimes it feels like luck but most of the time it is a question of skill. You can become a professional if you want to but you have really practice and practice and when you think you have it, practice some more.

When you go competitive bowling get ready to have all the spotlights. If you get a great score, people will idolize you and if you play a bad game you will laughed at or you will be rated as a bad player. In order to get better, you will need to throw more than 2 balls to become an expert or at least worthy to win a tournament. Once you know how to control your ball, you will be able to know how to control your game better.

Here are a few techniques to knock all the pins to get more points:
1. The first technique is called the spinner. When you throw a spinner the object of the throw is to have the less rotation possible on the ball when it heads toward the pins. With less rotation, it means that there will be less friction. This causes the ball to go almost straight at the bowling pins. This is a throw that doesnít exactly make the unanimity among professional bowlers. They say it is not as precise as it seems to be because it is hard to do.
2. There is another technique that allows bowlers to go with their agility rather than with their brute strength. This is called the stroker. When this throw is initiated, you need to be in perfect position and you need to play the way that it is suppose to be. Your shoulders have to be square and aligned towards the pins. This move is the one that is the most appreciated because there are more technique bowlers and it is more preferred because you have more control of your ball.
3. For those of you who really like to really hurt the pins this technique is for you. It is called the cranker. In our body our brain sometimes produces adrenaline. Adrenaline is the kind of thing that makes your body stronger. Actually when you really get excited from winning this is from the adrenaline. It is not a really graceful throw because you do not slide; you bend and keep your arm back as long as you can.

It doesnít matter how you play, once you get your shot perfected, use it and make as many strikes or spears as possible. Have a happy bowling.

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