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bowling warm up tips

If you ever decide to try an activity or a sport that needs any physical usage, you should first and foremost stretch or at least warm up your muscles. You want to do this in order to prevent any possible injury to your muscles in your body. Most of the time, you get injured because your muscles are not ready to be pushed to the limit.

According to the experts, they concluded through various studies and facts that if you prepare your muscles before any physical activities, there is a great chance that you may go through your sport without being hurt.

There are medical facts and many documented cases that if you do any kind of exercise to warm up your muscles, the chance for you to get injured is almost nil. Bowling doesnít seem like a sport you can get injured while playing right? I mean there are no health hazards in bowling. There are just a ball and pins. At worst you break a toe because you dropped the ball but this has nothing to do with stretching. Wrong, because think of all the muscles that are involved when you play and you will get your answer.

If you want to minimize the chance to get injured, here is a list of things to do before playing:
1. First off there is nothing wrong with stretching before beginning any sport! Because you play bowling you will want to target your shoulder and neck muscles. It is of the utmost importance to do it right and not cheat when you do it. Usually if you hold your position for eight seconds, you will give enough time and send a message to your muscles to prepare for the work ahead.
2. When you do your practice shots before the game try wearing a big sweater to start sweating. When you sweat it means that your muscles in your body also heats up so this is good. Iím not saying you have to be dripping but just enough to get you ready. This way your body wonít release heat during the play because you wonít need it.
3. Do not forget your arms! They are an integral part of bowling so take care of them. Remember that a bowling ball even though it may not seem heavy, is enough to cause you enough damage to your arm if you are not prepared. Think about it, is a 5 minute warm up that long compared to a whole life of no bowling?
4. Do not forget to breathe deeply. Yes of course we all heard it before but we donít do it anyways. If you breathe you will realize that you will not become tired after the 6th frame and hope for the break to come so that you can rest accordingly.
5. Try not to do the exercises or the steps backwards. You should not stretch before you warm up! If you ever did it backwards you may notice that you are sore after stretching. This is not supposed to happen.

I hope that you sincerely consider the tips offered so that you can enjoy a better evening of bowling and a safer one as well.

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