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A Short and Snappy History of Bowling

Did you know that the sport of bowling was very, very popular around the time of the King Henry the eight? Evidently, this is as equally popular sport today. In fact we estimate that 100 million people practice bowling for entertainment purposes.

Historians and archeologists have proof that bowling was being played more than 5000 years ago. Proofs come with the growing discoveries in Egypt in a little girl’s room. Among the objects found there were a bowling ball and a few bowling pins. So it is a pretty safe bet to say that Egyptians invented bowling.

Of course, there is more than one game of bowling. Of course the shape of the pins and the color of the balls changed too same for the rules. If you are familiar with German history you might have heard a lot of things but chances are that you didn’t know that they used to play bowling for rituals but that was 1800 years ago…

Did you know that the Germans were not known as bowlers as in bowling but they were known as ‘keglers’. They were called this because the materials used were rocks and clubs that were called ‘kegles’.

To many people, bowling is not a sport. Well in England it took a long time in order for the country as a sport. In fact, it was only in the 12th century that they finally titled bowling as a sport.

This new sport became so popular that the king from that time period, Henry the third, almost ruled it illegal for his soldiers. They were absolutely forbidden to to play bowling. There sole purpose was to attend to their training. A little sad for them because ever since it was a sport people were practicing it like crazy.

The United States of America was pretty young as a country in the 1600’s. They were fortunate enough to being introduced to bowling. Who do they have to thank for this unique chance at a new game? The Dutch are the responsible one. So it is no wonder that they rightfully called the game ‘Dutch pins’. Nine pins in a triangular shape were how the game was set up.

But all good things must come to an end as there are always people who are ready to cause trouble in the name of good over evil. Gamblers were now having there say in it so this is why the state of Connecticut decided that 9 pin bowling was now going to be illegal in their state.

However, a loop hole was found and some genius decided that he would add a pin to the 9 Dutch pins hence 10 pins bowling was now born. So, with their sport being reborn again, there was even more addicts this time. Do you think the wise guy that thought of this idea was happy about that? Sure was because every one else played the game no matter where they were.

If you live in the states you might be interested to know that an estimated 50 million bowlers are hitting pins in bowling alleys all across the country.

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