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The game of bowling may seem easy but do not think that you will achieve a perfect game if you do not practice. There are a variety of techniques to help you throw your ball on the lane and not always in the gutter.

The tips are the following and might help you enjoy the game a little more:
1.If you really want to get noticed and want to play a little more competitive you should buy your own pair of shoes and own set of bowling ball. Why should you buy your own ball? The reason is that when you go on a lane at the bowling alley the weight of the ball will remain the same. You see when you go at a bowling alley, the balls have different sizes and weight.
2. Do not go out and spend a hundred dollars to buy bowling equipment if you are just going to play once in a while. If this is the case then the shoes there are sufficient enough and they donít cost enough anyways. As for the balls itís just a minimum adjustment on each throw. It might be an advantage if you decide to ever turn pro because the equipment will be better.
3. If you decide that youíre a player that wants to hurt the bowling pins go for a heavier ball. If youíre more the skilled player, then go for a ball that is lighter so the effect will be easier to do.
4.Once you become an experienced bowler, you will realize that some lanes seem to curve more than others and some will go straight and wont curve at all. This is what we call dry or oily lanes. After you figured out what kind of lane it is, you can figure out what strategy will work better for you.
5.When you make your practice shots, your strategy should be to try all possible shots to figure out what is the best way to play. Maybe youíll find out that if you play it to weak, youíll throw your balls in the gutter. Then again, trying the break the pins might not work either. Once you found out which works best, then get ready for the best game of your life.
6. Never forget the saying practice makes perfect. If you want to be a good player, you need to practice. As we mentioned earlier there are more than one way to play bowling or throw a ball so there more you play, the better you become. As you throw more and more balls you will know how you react in various situations and this way, you will be able to bring corrective measures to become an even better player.

Basically there are two ways to look at the game of bowling. You become a casual player and thatís the end of it. Second, you want to become a pro and bowling becomes your job. If you choose this second path be sure to throw as much as possible and understand that the road ahead might be tough but in the end may be quite rewarding.

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